Freebie Friday: this week's discounts, deals and freebies


Freebie Friday

With Valentines Day approaching, we couldn't ignore a couple of ways to get your hands on some Valentines freebies. However, for those who detest all things red and heart-shaped at this time of year, we also have free Lego, skincare for men, kids' ebooks and a bottle of beer.

So there should be something for everyone.

Valentines freebies

It's the thought that counts, so why not have the thought and then give a freebie? Moonpig is offering a couple of ways to get a free Valentines card. Both involve an outlay, but you can get a personalised card worth £3, so it may be worth it. One deal is BOGOF - which will come in handy for those people with more than one Valentine. The other is a free card with any gift of flowers, wine or spirits. 12 red roses start at £25 - and the wine at £15.

Marks & Spencer is offering free chocolates when you order 12 red roses for £22 before Monday. They'll deliver them on Valentines Day providing there's a slot available so it's worth ordering sooner rather than later.

Free Disaronno sour cocktail or bottle of sol

This could even qualify as a cheap Valentines Date, because as part of its monthly freebies calendar, Pitcher and Piano is offering a free bottle of Sol or a Disaronno Sour cocktail to anyone who is signed up to the monthly newsletter. You just download your voucher, show it to staff, and claim your freebie. It's valid throughout February, so you can go on a less crowded day if you prefer.

Free Lego

If you have a Lego store near you, and a child aged 6-14, you can get your hands on free Lego minikits. You have to go into the store on the first Thursday of every month between 4pm and 6pm, and take part in the Lego Mini Build. The kids will be given the kit to make that month's model, and staff will be on hand to offer some help. Once you've built your figure you can take it home for free. It's worth bearing in mind that the total number of kits in each store is limited, so if yours is over-run you'll need to go early.

The users of have highlighted that the deal is on at stores in Bluewater, Brighton, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester Arndale, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Sheffield Meadowhall, Watford and both London Westfield centres.

Men's beauty freebies

Nivea apparently has so much to say on the issue of men's skincare that they issue a monthly newsletter. It's unlikely to be the world's most riveting read, but if you sign up for it you will be sent some freebies too. They're only likely to be small samples, but when they don't cost a penny we can't really complain.

Free Jacqueline Wilson ebooks

Wilson's characters are part of the landscape of most childhoods now, and are a great way to get younger children hooked on reading. At the moment Sainsbury's ebooks are offering a free copy of either The Story of Tracy Beaker or Hetty Feather. You'll need a voucher code but one has been printed on hotukdeals and is EBSCBPJW913.