Driver stuck in traffic gets parking ticket


Parking ticket on a car windshield.

A driver in Bradford was given a parking ticket after a mobile traffic camera photographed him stationary at a bus stop. The only problem was that he hadn't parked there: he had stopped at a red light.

The council has apologised, but is this the worst example of over-enthusiastic ticketing ?

The BBC reported that Victor Hankins had been waiting in traffic when he was snapped by a traffic enforcement camera. He appealed the ticket, and the council cancelled it and apologised. It told the BBC that all photographs were checked before a ticket was issued, but that in this instance someone had made a mistake.

It was a stressful experience for Hankins. The Metro reported that he called the ticket 'an absolute joke', and told the council he wanted to meet the camera operative in court.

Not the first

However, he can take some small comfort from the fact he is far from the only driver to have received an outrageous ticket. In 2011, one ticket was issued every 4.6 seconds, so mistakes are bound to be made.

In April last year, the Royal Mail closed a post box in Plymouth, after an over-enthusiastic warden gave a postman a ticket when he was picking up letters.

In February a woman received a ticket on Portobello High Street near Edinburgh. She had abandoned her car in a disabled bay in order to help a woman who had collapsed in the street. While she was giving her first aid, wardens slapped her car with a ticket.

In 2012 the wardens were just as keen to issue tickets. In the summer, wardens in Appledore, Devon, ticketed a lifeboat which had been briefly left on a trailer outside the lifeboat station.

And in January a warden in Wandsworth gave a ticket to a man who had stopped at the side of the road. This was despite the fact that the he had stopped to give first aid to a motorcyclist - and the driver could clearly be seen helping the unconscious man in the middle of the road.

Not even the rich and famous are immune to the ticket wardens. Hilary Clinton was issued with a parking ticket in Mayfair in October last year. Her security staff argued with the warden, but the ticket remained and Clinton paid the fine.