Stunning Crystal Palace home has something very special in the loft


The quirky property

From the outside it's a quirky Gothic Victorian property in Crystal Palace, with 11 bedrooms, a huge garden (with its own lodge) and enormous, striking rooms throughout.

But by far the most unexpected thing is lurking in the loft.

The property

The property is called Rockmount. At £3.25 million it's not going to be within everyone's price range, but it has a lot going for it. If you're a fan of oodles of space you can take long leisurely walks around a property that's almost 7,000 square feet. Alternatively you can get lost in the massive garden - stopping off to recover at the lodge.

If it's character you're after then the period features are everything you could ask for with bay windows, parquet flooring, original tiles, fireplaces and ornate ceilings.

And if you fancy a bit of luxury, you can enjoy the grand entrance hall - complete with chandeliers, a couple of sitting rooms, a dressing room, a billiards room and a wine cellar.

There are also a couple of self-contained flats in the building so the property could become a nice little earner.

The spaceship

In the loft

However, the real joy is what's hidden in the loft. The entire room is decked out as the inside of a space ship. If London life feels too hectic, you can pop up for a couple of hours of shooting down the baddies and exploring new worlds.

The estate agent details refer coyly to a playroom, but the ambition of this spaceship goes well beyond play.

Take a look inside:

Inside the Crystal Palace home with a spaceship in the loft

Inside the Crystal Palace home with a spaceship in the loft

Unusual homes

For unusual features lurking behind the front door, it rivals the purple house (where every room is purple), the riot of colour we reported on yesterday, the property with the two most recent occupants buried in the garden, or the property which was on the market briefly last year which simply stated that because of the owner's 'unusual hobby' they were unable to take any internal photographs.

But what do you think? Is your home in need of a space ship?