Ex gets revenge by demolishing dream home


Vicky Pryce Trial

Paul Lawton, a 66-year-old builder from Orkney, spent five years building his dream home. However, after splitting up with his girlfriend, and falling out over money, he decided that to stop his ex from profiting from all his effort he would take a JCB to their six-bedroom home.

He's not the first ex to seek revenge. Just ask Vicky Pryce (pictured).


Lawton had built the property with his second wife and, when the pair divorced in 2010 he faced losing the property. The Daily Herald reported that at this point he met Valerie Keith, and after he told her about his situation she agreed to lend him her life savings to pay off his wife and finish building the property. The idea was to finish the house and then sell it on and repay Keith the £170,000 he owed her.

Unfortunately, as the Daily Mail reported, their relationship broke down at the beginning of last year. Keith gave Lawton two months to sell the home and a separate cottage and repay the loan. If he failed to sell, she said she would send the properties to auction.

After the two months, she said she had found a buyer at £170,000 and said she wanted to sell it at that price rather than sent it to auction. When Lawton refused, she contacted lawyers to repossess the property and evict him.

He decided that rather than let her take the property from him he would knock it down. So one August night last year he took a JCB to the property and destroyed it. The police were called, but as it was Lawson's name on the deeds they decided no crime had been committed. He told the Sun that he had no regrets.


It seems incredible and extreme, but there are plenty of people who have done shocking things in the name of getting revenge on an ex.

One of the most well-known incidents was Lady Sarah Graham Moon, who hit the headlines in 1992 after her husband moved in with his girlfriend. She cut off the arms of all her husband's Saville Row suits, poured paint on his BMW, and gave away his vintage wine collection by leaving bottles on her neighbours steps.

Then there was Vicky Pryce (pictured) who discovered that Chris Huhne was leaving her on the day he announced it to the press. She went public with claims that Huhne had asked her to say it was her driving when he was caught for speeding. The pair were sent to prison in March last year for perverting the course of justice - although they were both free by May.

Nick Faldo has also been on the receiving end of the fury of an ex. He dated golfing student Brenna Cepelak after splitting up with his second wife. They were together for three years, but after meeting Valerie Bercher (who would become his third wife) he left Cepelak. She responded by taking a golf club to his £200,000 Porsche - causing £10,000 of damage.

But perhaps one of the most destructive was Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez from the group TLC, who decided to get revenge on her boyfriend the footballer Andre Rison by setting fire to his trainers. Unfortunately in the process she accidentally burned down his $1.3 million house. She was sentenced to five years' probation and fined $10,000.