US lawyer Jamie Casino's bizarre Superbowl TV ad goes viral on YouTube


Jamie Casino Superbowl ad

US sports fans watched open-mouthed as a dramatic ad aired during Superbowl for a personal injury lawyer.

Jamie Casino took out the ad on local TV station WTGS to describe how his brother Michael and a friend were gunned down on Labor Day 2012, prompting him to leave criminal defence and enter the world of personal injury.

The advertisement has to be seen to be believed, featuring biblical verses, heavy metal music and images of Christ. In it, we see a dramatic reconstruction of the moment when an immaculately-groomed Casino receives the news of his brother's death, followed by a sequence where he attacks a gravestone with a flaming sledgehammer.

As one commentator observes, "It comes very close to resembling a teaser for the next Batman movie."

Casino claims that, before the shooting, he worked to defend "villains". But, he says, "At some point a man must ask why God created him", and his brother's death prompted him to switch to personal injury work.

The ad was shot by local company eThree Media, although Casino carried out all the post-production work himself at his own law offices.

It's not unknown for individuals to take out ads to promote a cause. In 2011, for example, Italian clothing business owner Enrico Frare took out a full page ad in an Italian newspaper complaining about how hard it was for Italian businesses to get loans. In it, he posed nude next to the caption "Every day in Italy an entrepreneur risks losing his shirt".

At two minutes long, and airing during the Superbowl, Casino's ad was one of the biggest purchases in the television station's history. However, as a PR stunt for his business, it was probably cheap at the price.

The ad has now had more than two million views on YouTube alone, and coverage of the story by US newspapers and blogs means that Casio is probably one of the most well-known personal injury lawyers in the country right now.