The 4-bedroom detached house - with a wild side


The entrance hall

From the outside this is an average 1980s 4-bedroom detached house in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. The £350,000 home nestles quietly in a residential area, walking distance from Holmes Chapel Village and striking distance from the house Harry Styles grew up in.

But inside is another story entirely. It's a riot of dramatic colour, eye-catching patterns, and animal print. So will this work for potential buyers?

The estate agency write-up doesn't give much away, with talk of being 'very well maintained throughout' and 'generous bedrooms'. It's the pictures which give an insight into the unique attractions of the property.

It makes an impression from the off, with an entrance hall featuring zebra-print wallpaper, and a bright purple carpet. Moving into the lounge you have the red, black and white colour scheme, teaming rose print wallpaper with more zebra print.

The dining room, meanwhile, takes its inspiration from the exotic - complete with a palm tree in one corner. The snooker room has drawn decorating ideas from the pub, and the conservatory is altogether more nautical - complete with a ship's wheel.

The kitchen features black tiles and a black-and-white-photo wallpaper. For the master bedroom we are back with the zebra print (along with a black and white striped wallpaper and some giraffe skin). The second bedroom draws on more black and white - and an eye-catching striped wallpaper to set off more zebra. The loft room is a nursery where the bold colours seem almost muted by comparison, and the third bedroom is an homage to pink - and Mini Mouse.

Take a look around inside the house:

The house with a wild side

The house with a wild side

It's clearly a home that has been an inspiration for its owners, who have put their creativity and enthusiasm for bold colours into every inch of their home. It has stamped their personalities firmly on the property. But that's not necessarily ideal when you come to sell.

We have noted in the past how some striking homes have potentially limited their market. There was a six bedroom house in Crosby, Liverpool, which was somewhat dominated by the owner's love of the decorative arts. Every corner was filled with cushions, silk flowers, dramatic lighting, vases and other ornaments.

The owners were somewhat hurt by the news reports which focused on a level of ornamentation that they considered perfectly normal. However, they were also perplexed by the fact they had needed to drop the asking price from £350,000 to £300,000.

The Holmes Chapel home has suffered a similar fate. Six months ago it went on the market priced at £395,000 - and since then the price has been dropped twice. There's a chance that the owners may be starting to wonder why it hasn't sold.

Mind you, having said that, there are other properties where a striking scheme has helped a sale. When one property in West London was advertised online in November last year, house-hunters soon spotted that every corner of this home was a striking shade of purple, and it went viral on social media. Soon it was reported that the home had found a buyer in the frenzy of viewings.

But what do you think? Has this property won you over?