Would you pay £380,000 for a single malt whisky?


Rare and Collectable Whisky auction

Is a bottle of the world's most expensive single malt really worth £380,000? It works out at around £2,000 a nip. One Hong Kong malt lover clearly thinks so, handing the cash over for The Macallan six-litre "M" Decanter by Lalique, beating a previous record by more than £100,000.

But it's not the world's most expensive drink - by a very big margin.

Special stuff

We are absolutely delighted," The Macallan's David Cox told the Mail, "at the generosity of the successful bidder in securing such a wonderful contribution to a number of Hong Kong charities and at the same time setting a new world record for The Macallan."

To create the Lalique vase alone took the skills of 17 craftsmen with more than 30 of the original vases having to be destroyed because of faults.

Just four were made. The Macallan whisky itself was taken from selected Spanish oak sherry casks dating between the 1940s right through to the early 1990s. Very special stuff. But expensive.

Or a two-bed flat

For not much more - £390,000 - for this special malt you could snap up this two bed flat in London's Belsize Park instead, a stone's throw from Hampstead. Or splurge on almost 10 brand new entry level Porsche Caymans (£39,964 apiece), widely thought to be one of the best cars the German maker has built.

The £380,000 paid for this Macallan also puts a rare 55-year-old single malt substantially in the shade. In 2011 this Glenfiddich 'Janet Sheed Roberts' Reserve was auctioned at Bonhams in Edinburgh, making £46,850.

Billionaires needed

This 55-year-old whisky was made to honour Janet Sheed Roberts, the granddaughter of William Grant who founded the Glenfiddich distillery - Roberts sailed past the age of 110 in August 2011. So, is the £380,000 paid for The Macallan a complete waste of money? If it raises money for charity, no.

But it's not the world's most expensive drink. That honour belongs to Billionaire Vodka - which can cost up to $3.7m a bottle, the distillation process involving flowing the water across diamonds.