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It may be a dream come true for most fashionistas but one woman was left red-faced after she found herself locked in a Miss Selfridge store in Manchester having spent too long in the changing rooms.

The unnamed shopper dialed 999 after finding the store closed and all the staff gone.

According to the Manchester Evening News, she rang the police shortly before 8pm on Wednesday evening to say that she was trapped inside the Manchester store and needed help.

Luckily, a member of staff came to her rescue so the police were not required to come on the scene.

Greater Manchester Police obviously saw the funny side of the situation tweeting that the 999 call was "odd".

However, this is not the first incidence of customers getting locked into stores after hours.

In March last year, Police responded to an alarm call only to find a couple and their baby locked inside a Sears Outlet store in Bloomfield, Michigan after closing time.

And if you think that was bad, one unlucky late night shopper found herself locked inside a pet store after hours. The woman was accidentally locked into Cleveland Park Petco last October and emergency services had to be called as the manager of the store could not be reached.

When Houston Police were tipped off to an alarm at a convenience store they were expecting to carry out a routine burglary call but when they arrived at the scene they found an intoxicated man stumbling around inside. The man apparently entered the store earlier in the day but passed out in the bathroom and woke up to find the store was closed.

This young woman decided to video her experience after being locked inside a CVS store.The woman received a $100 gift card from CVS (which she was less than happy with).

Note to self: check closing times before entering stores.

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