Group calls for 'bus travel bonus'


Routemaster Bus

A new tax allowance should be introduced so that firms can help staff pay for the cost of commuting to work by bus, a campaign group has urged.

Greener Journeys said people on lower incomes were more reliant on buses as they were less likely to have a car.

The group, which promotes sustainable travel, said a "bus bonus" scheme should be launched, arguing it would boost the economy and improve access to jobs.

Claire Haigh, chief executive of Greener Journeys, said: "The beauty of the bus bonus is that it not only puts money directly back in hard working people's pockets, it also gives the economy a much needed boost and improves access to jobs - all with one simple package.

"With the rising cost of living a key concern for millions across the country, this support would be a huge boost for thousands of households. We urge the Government to adopt the bus bonus as soon as possible to take advantage of the manifold benefits it would bring to the economy and job market."

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