Video: Boulders destroy 300-year-old building


The building is destroyed

Video footage has been posted on Youtube, showing shocking the aftermath of a rock fall. Huge boulders broke away from a cliff face, and one enormous rock smashed its way through a 300-year-old building. The footage was captured by a drone, and shows the incredible destructive power of nature.

And this sort of damage is surprisingly common in the UK too.

The footage was taken in Northern Italy on 21 January. It shows the path taken by enormous rocks that broke away from the cliff face.

It also shows how one rock roughly the size of a building rolled directly through a 300-year-old barn, destroying it completely. The barn slowed the boulder's progress, but it still managed to carve up a vineyard before coming to a standstill. Another enormous rock came to a stop just metres before hitting the main building.

The owner of the building told the South Tyrol News that it had caused millions of euros of damage. The Daily Mail reported that no-one was hurt, but that the area had been evacuated over fears of more rock falls.

Watch the destruction here:

Destruction in the UK

It goes to show the immense destructive power that's all around us. Even in Britain, which doesn't regularly have geological activity or severe weather patterns, there have been some incredibly destructive incidents recently.

Most recently, on Saturday a series of mini-tornadoes hit the South and the Midlands. A number of properties and cars were damaged.

Then there were the storms and flooding which first hit the UK on 23 December, which have so far caused an incredible £426 million of damage - according to the Association of British Insurers. There have been 174,000 claims, and more are arriving daily.

Some parts of Somerset have been underwater for over a month: the town of Muchelney is only accessible by boat, and the village of Thorney has been abandoned altogether.

Before that there was the tidal surge that hit the east coast in early December causing flooding and dramatic coastal erosion. Seven homes in Hembsy, Norfolk, fell into the sea.

And before that was the St Jude's storm in November, which wreaked havoc on the morning rush hour, bringing much of the country to a stand-still.

But while the spate of recent disasters us alarming, in terms of financial cost they are not historically particularly dramatic.

One of the most expensive events in insurance terms was the great storm of October 1987, which cost insurance £2 billion in today's money.

However, even more shockingly, the floods in the summer of 2007 brought insurance claims for £3 billion.

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Village devastated as homes fall into the sea

Village devastated as homes fall into the sea