Eddie Jordan's £32m yacht - the 25mph disco



The super-rich are a competitive lot, and when one buys an insanely expensive super-yacht, the others are sure to follow. Eddie Jordan, the former racing boss and now BBC commentator, already had a 120 ft yacht, but has decided to upgrade to something altogether more impressive. His new ride cost him a cool £32 million.

So what did he get for the money?

The boat

The Sunseeker 155 has emerged from its Dorset hangar, at an impressive 155 feet long and 200 tonnes. It has four decks, and five bedrooms for 12 people (with extra space for 11 members of staff).

Sunseekers are designed to give the owners the maximum possible input on the interior, the layout and even the structure of the yacht. According to Superyachtworld, Jordan took full advantage of this, and has designed his ideal yacht.

It's said to have a panoramic viewing platform (which will presumably come in handy for watching the Monaco Grand Prix from the water), dining area and bar, day room, a garage for jet skis, and perhaps most ridiculously it also features a nightclub.

However, to get all this luxury and glamour Jordan has sacrificed speed. The Daily Mail reported that it can only do 25 mph, and will cost £30,000 to refuel.

Presumably he can take some comfort from the fact that he made £5 million selling his old boat to Chris Evans - who was said to have bought it when his three-year-old son Noah took a shine to it.

And Jordan has said in the past he's not afraid to spend his money. He told the Telegraph that "I've always been like that. Have I got worse as I've got older? Probably, though I'd like to think I'm not irresponsible, but if there's something I see and want, then I'll get it." He added: "Whatever money I've made, I want to use, while not dying in a poor house. I don't want to leave money littering the place when I go."


However, despite the enormity of the boat - and the incredible cost - he's not really making an effort to break records. It's far from the biggest super-yacht - which is still the Azzam which is 590ft long and was commissioned by the Emirati royal family last year.

It's not the most expensive either. That record is still held by Roman Ambramovich and the Eclipse, which us said to be worth around £740 million. That has an amour-plated master suite and two swimming pools - what every Oligarch needs for life at sea.

And the Daily Express has reported that Jordan's yacht won't even be exclusive for long, as another Sunseeker 155 is already under construction.

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