The best all-round credit card just got better


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This Nationwide credit card is now even more appealing, thanks to an increase in its cashback rate.

Nationwide has increased the cashback payout on its Select credit card for a limited time.

We already rate the Select card as the best all-round card out there, although it isn't available to everyone.

What's changed?

Until 19th February, new Select card customers can earn 2% cashback on all purchases made in sterling for 90 days. The usual rate is 0.5%, which it will revert back to after that 90-day period ends.

What else does the Select card offer?

The Select card also offers a competitive 15 months with no interest to pay on purchases made during the introductory period and 26 months at 0% on balance transfers. There is a balance transfer fee of 2.4% of the debt you're transferring onto the card.

And you can enjoy commission-free purchases abroad.

But it's not open to everyone...

The Select card is only open to what eligible Nationwide current account customers.

Eligible customers are people who: either have a FlexDirect account or the £10-a-month FlexPlus account; or have a Flex account with a debit card and have paid in at least £750 a month for the past three months; or switch to the Flex account using the Current Account Switch Service or have done this in the past four months.

However, ultimately, you don't need to switch your main current account to Nationwide to get hold of a Select card, although you will to take advantage of the cashback offer.

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Other cards to consider

If you want to earn cashback from your credit card spending, making sure you pay your balance off in full each month, you could earn a better rate than from the Select card.

The American Express Platinum Everyday Cashback card, for example, pays 5% cashback if you spend £2,000 within the first three months. It then pays up to 1.25%, depending on how much you spend, although the minimum rate is 0.5%. Be aware that you need to spend £3,000 in a year to qualify for cashback.

Alternatively, if you want a card to use abroad, then the Post Office Platinum card offers commission-free purchases with no strings. There's also no cash advance fee if you use your card to buy foreign currency at Post Office branches.

For a 0% balance transfer, Barclaycard is leading the way. It offers the longest interest-free period on the market at 30 months via the Platinum 30-Month card, with a 2.89% balance transfer fee. Or the Platinum 25-Month card offers 25 months at 0% for just a 1.5% fee.

If you're after a 0% introductory period on purchases, both Santander and Tesco's Clubcard card offer 18 months. For more, read The best credit cards for the year ahead.

Note that all these cards are only available to people with good credit ratings.

But if you only want to carry one credit card, we reckon this combination of offers makes the Select card the standout option.

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