Why has Canada banned Irn-Bru, Bovril, Marmite and Penguin bars?


Denmark bans Marmite

Although Canada has one million civilian handguns in circulation, its authorities are more worried about four alleged British health risks: Bovril, Marmite, Irn-Bru and Penguin biscuits.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says all four contain health risks that may undermine the health of the average Canadian. Why is nice, safe Canada being so rude about our food?

Not so P-P-Peckish

Let's start with Irn-Bru. The popular Scottish drink has an additive called Ponceau 4R which may be linked to hyperactivity and worries about asthma. Other products like Marmite and Bovril are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Under Canadian law, all these are no-nos.

Eating too much maple syrup and moose is probably not good for you either. However the news means one Brit specialty food store in Saskatoon could go to the wall because of Canadian objections to a lengthening list of iconic British kitchen cupboard products.

The owner of Brit Foods, Tony Badher, told the Independent that he lost around $20,000 of goods when 700 cases of UK food products were seized in Montreal.

The ban is spreading

"We've been bringing Irn-Bru in since the very beginning," he told the paper. "I haven't heard of anyone dying from consuming Irn-Bru in Scotland or Britain."

He added: "I couldn't understand the insanity of stopping it coming into Canada, to be honest. For a country that allows one to buy firearms, guns, bullets, stopping a soft drink suitable for all ages seems a little ludicrous."

Live longer in Canada?

However Canada isn't completely alone. The Danes aren't super-keen on Marmite, claiming it's over-fortified with B vitamins - or too rich. The sticky brown yeast extract is currently banned, along with other products such as Horlicks and Ovaltine.

The Canadian authorities are now busying themselves with canned soup, which it worries may contain too many animal products. Meanwhile according to the CIA, average Canadians can now expect to live to 81.57 years while the average Brit lives to 80.29 years. A 1.28 year difference.

However, if you want to hit 90, the CIA evidence suggests you forget Canada and move to Monaco.

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