Screwfix accidentally prices everything at £34.99


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A massive price glitch at Screwfix this morning meant that the DIY firm accidentally priced everything on the website at £34.99. Eagle-eyed bargain hunters saved hundreds, and in one case, over £1,000. The firm realised their mistake by mid-morning, but by then some canny shoppers had already picked up their bargains.

What they did next was somewhat unusual.

The deal

The deal first hit just after 1am this morning. Deal-hunters started placing orders, but were convinced that they would never be honoured. Gradually as 7am approached, the site's users got bolder and started ordering major items like sheds and baths.

When the stores opened at 7am, some of those who had ordered to 'click and collect' and were first through the door were sent away with their items. One member, Doober, collected £1,130 worth of drills from their local store for just £139.96 saving nearly £1,000 and commented "chuffed to bits!". Another member, Ragbs1, picked up two drills worth a combined £650 for just £69.98, making a enormous saving of £580.02.

Member Gr8t1 said: "Just collected circular saw. Saved £65. If I'd have bought same circular saw on Amazon, would have been £174.99 but I paid £34.99. Happy days!" Member Knight 9799 added: "I just bought three. An impact driver reduced from £360 to £35...rushed to pick it up at 7am." Member Rossco366 said: "Just picked up a £200 multi cutter for £34.99. I was first there at 7am"

Only one user posted a picture of his purchases, and at the time of writing there have been no receipts posted on the site as proof. However, one person who claimed to have bought 10 conservatories for less than £350 was exposed as having made the story up.


By 9am the site was down for maintenance, and no new orders were being taken. By mid-morning everyone who went collect their goods were turned away empty-handed - and the store started calling those who were yet to collect their items to explain that their orders would be cancelled.

So far, some shoppers had cashed in on some amazing deals, but nothing enormously out-of-the-ordinary had happened. It was only at this point that Screwfix was said to have contacted some customers and asked for the goods back, or for the full payment - which is highly unusual.

Simo18121 commented "Screwfix just called me and said if I don't bring the items back and get refunded what I've paid they are going to charge me the full amount. I have a receipt? Are they allowed to do that? Help me!"

Fortunately, other members were quick to explain that once they had accepted your payment and the goods were in your possession the contract was complete - so there was nothing the retailer could do.

Screwfix said in a statement: "Last night a night a number of customers visiting the site experienced a technical issue which resulted in some products being displayed at obviously low prices. The issue has now been resolved and everything is back up and running as normal."

"We have reviewed all transactions and those customers affected are being contacted today and issued a refund. This does not affect any customers who have already received a delivery or collected their goods. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused."