Your home could be a castle - and for the price of a London family home


Bamburgh Castle at sunrise

You may think that your home is your castle, but that's only because you're not thinking big enough. Right now, there are plenty of castles on the market - offering space, grandeur, grounds and history for little more than the cost of a family home in a London suburb.

So what will you go for, turrets with arrow slots six miles from Edinburgh, fairytale towers near Aberdeen, or a moat near Lancaster?

Kames Castle
This is the cheapest castle of the five at £995,000, partly because it's not in a particularly built-up area, on the Isle of Bute. It dates back to the 14th century, although there have been some Victorian additions. As well as the castle you get a 20 acre estate, complete with cottages, parkland, a tennis court and a walled garden. The main castle building has plenty of the original splendour although not an enormous amount in the way of modern luxury - and you'd have to peel back several layers of chintz.

Thurland Castle
Unfortunately for your £1.1 million you don't get a whole castle - you get a three bedroom flat in one. The castle itself is a stone's throw from Lancaster, and it has a moat, tennis courts, and climbing ivy for the history enthusiasts. On the plus side you get the enormous rooms, grandeur of the finish, and a great address - without the ruinous maintenance costs. On the downside, there are 11 other families in your castle.

Lickleyhead Castle
This Aberdeenshire pile is a late 15th century joy on the market for just £1.35 million. The 'modern' bit dates from the 18th century, so is still impressively historic. For your money you're buying history rather than luxury. Aside from the seven bedrooms and bathrooms, and the four reception rooms (including aces of panelling and a dining room with plenty of room for 20), the agent also boasts the presence of a 'boiler room'.

Myres Castle
This £2.5 million beauty in Cupar, Fife, is actually under offer at the moment, but with ten bedrooms and 4 reception rooms, it's hard to resist. Inside the house you have a games room (complete with stags' heads), a dining room for 18, a stately drawing room (and cosy sitting room), and impressive bathrooms. The grounds feature ornamental gardens, tennis courts, a gatehouse and staff quarters.

Castle Gogar
At £2.9 million it's the most expensive castle in our collection, but it has plenty to offer. This 1625 5-bedroom castle is just 6 miles from Edinburgh. It comes complete with a vaulted crypt, turnpike staircases, a long, sweeping drive, and turrets with arrow slots and battlements. And if you want a bit of modern luxury there's always the underfloor heating, the six bathrooms to serve five bedrooms, the gym and games room. All this, for the same price as a 3 bedroom flat in central London.