Inside the home of the man behind Poundland


Steve Smith in his home

Steve Smith, the man who founded Poundland, has opened the doors to his 13-bedroom Shropshire mansion - which has its own pub and snooker room as well as an indoor pool, a dining room that easily sits 18, and an entrance hall that's as big as most London flats.

It's a far cry from his modest background, but he's not finished yet.

According to the Daily Mail, the property is one of three owned by Smith - with another in Florida and the third in Majorca. He bought it after making almost £50 million from the sale of Poundland 12 years ago.

Take a look inside the luxurious Shropshire mansion:

Inside the home of the entrepreneur behind Poundland

Inside the home of the entrepreneur behind Poundland

His story

Smith told the Sunday People that his father inspired him. He was a draughtsman in a factory, but as his family expanded he realised that he needed to increase his income, so he sold pens to workmates and door-to-door. From there he set up a local market stall, before moving on to own a cash and carry.

Smith told the Mirror that he would help on the market stall after school, as well as selling door-to-door. And after leaving education with four CSEs, he went on to run stalls of his own. He had a box of things which had fallen out of their packaging, which he would sell for 10p. He noticed that the box would always sell out, and he had the idea for Poundland.

In 1990 he opened his first shop in Burton upon Trent, and sold almost £13,000 of stock on the first day. He quickly expanded, until he sold his interest in 2002 for £50 million, by which time he had a million customers.

What next?

But he hasn't finished yet. He's working on an online pound shop called It launches in 15 days, and like the stores themselves will sell everything from food and drink to stationery, tools, party-ware and home and beauty.

It's not the first in this space, as the is already offering an online shop, and discounters like Poundstretcher have an online presence too. However, Smith is convinced he can carve out a niche through sourcing different products and pricing them all at £1. He points out that for Poundland he found computer desks and golf clubs for £1 - which you don't see every day.