Woman cancels brother's wedding without telling him


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It's supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but for some people their wedding day is a disaster, full of family rifts, arguments and hideous in-laws. For Ann Duffy's brother this took a particularly odd turn - when she cancelled the wedding 20 days before it was due to happen - because she didn't think the bride was right for him.

So what happened, and is this the weirdest wedding story?

The case

Duffy's case is in the Plymouth Magistrates' Court at the moment, and this odd snippet emerged as part of a harassment case the bride is bringing against her. Duffy, a 50-year-old from Plymouth, has pleaded guilty to harassment without violence and will be sentenced next month.

The Plymouth Herald reported that Duffy had told police that there had been tensions between the women over the care of her mother - who planned to move in with the newlyweds. She also said she didn't think the couple were suited.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Duffy had called the Registry Office 20 days before the wedding was due to be held in November last year. She pretended to be her brother's fiancée, and cancelled the wedding. Then she rang her brother and said: "You had better put this on speakerphone, I have saved you on the divorce. I have cancelled your wedding. Would you like me to send you the confirmation email?"

The couple were able to call the Registry Office and re-arrange the wedding, but were very upset and reported the harassment to police. The prosecutor said: "One offence doesn't really constitute a charge of harassment. There were other incidents that had been reported to the police which is why the charge was brought."

Bizarre wedding tales

It's a bizarre wedding tale, but when you bring arguing families together (or leave them off the list), serve them alcohol, and make a big deal of this being a special day, there's always the chance that something can go wrong.

We reported in October last year on the young couple who were burgled on their wedding day - by an uninvited family member. The bride's father's, girlfriend's son had used the fact he knew they would be out to ransack their home. Police showed up at the reception to inform the devastated couple.

Just a couple of weeks earlier we covered the tale of the Liverpool groom who realised on the morning of the wedding that he had failed to book the Registry Office, so he called the office and told them there was a bomb in the building. The plan didn't work brilliantly: the bride found out that he'd failed to book the wedding anyway, and he was convicted of communicating false information with intent.

In May last year a groom from Bacup in Lancashire was jailed, for going back to the reception venue after the party had finished and robbing it. He took alcohol and computers, and caused £20,000 of damage. He handed himself in after CCTV footage of the raid was released, and was jailed for six months.

In March, an Australian couple were jailed for three months for refusing to pay for their lavish four-day $52,000 wedding in Victoria, Australia.

In March 2012, a groom in Cheshire was jailed for six years - after deliberately setting fire to his own wedding venue just after the reception. Apparently there was an argument over the bill.

But one of the oddest tales comes from three years ago, when a Nevada man was arrested for disorderly conduct before he had a chance to finish his vows. His mother had voiced her objections to the marriage, so he carried her out of the church, and she had him arrested before he had time to finish the wedding.

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