Mum finds "glass" in kids' ice cream


scoop of ice cream on a scooper

Julie Taylor, a mum of three from Wallsend, had served up scoops of knickerbocker glory flavour ice cream to two of her children. But when she took a mouthful of hers she bit into something sharp, which she suspects was broken glass.

Glass is a particularly worrying thing to find in your food.

Taylor told The Chronicle about the discovery in the Tesco own-brand ice cream. She said she cut her lip on a sharp, transparent object, and her father identified it as glass. She added that she had swallowed some of the pieces, but that her daughters had not had any in their bowls.

Tesco told The Mirror that it has very high safety standards and takes the incident very seriously. It has asked Taylor to return the ice-cream to the store so a full investigation can be carried out.

We do not know at this stage whether or not it is glass.


Glass is one of the most dangerous things you can find in your food. In March last year a businesswoman from Berkshire was killed after eating a shard of glass, which had been in a jar of mustard she had added to her steak. The shard pierced her carotid artery and her throat swelled - cutting off her airway.

Because of the risks, the authorities take it very seriously when glass is found in food. In February last year a takeaway was fined £2,000 after glass was found in a chicken meal. The owner admitted he had been changing a lightbulb which had smashed over the food.

Other risks

However, glass is not the only dangerous thing to have been found in food. We reported in February last year on the mother who found a bloodied syringe in a loaf she bought from Tesco. It had been put there by a drug addict who was in the store and wanted to hide it from his wife.

In 2012 in the US, a man filed a law suit against the Subway chain after he found a serrated knife baked into the bread of his sandwich. The company settled the matter out of court.

And in 2008 a bride-to-be from Lincoln accidentally ate a one inch nail, which was buried in her Tesco Value macaroni cheese. There were actually three nails in her food, but she only ate one. She was admitted to hospital until the nail passed through her system.

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