John Terry makes huge profit on Surrey property sale


John Terry's house

John Terry has an eye for the fortune to be made in property, but even he would admit he's had a stoke of good luck - making an astonishing £20 million profit from two neighbouring properties in Oxshott, Surrey.

So how did he do it? Which other celebrities have made a property fortune? And who seems to lack the Midas touch?

John Terry

Terry bought two neighbouring houses. According to Zoopla, the first (pictured) cost him £2.25 million in 2003, and he sold it last year for £5.25 million - a £3 million profit.

The second was a £1.85 million property next door. The Daily Mirror reported that he bought it in 2007 and remortgaged the first house to pay for an astonishing £4.65 million worth of work. In the process he transformed it into nine bedroom, eight bathroom super-mansion, complete with a cinema room, steam room and staff accommodation.

The idea was to live in the spectacular property with his family, and it wasn't on the market. However, he received an offer out of the blue for £16 million from an overseas buyer - which is roughly twice the price of the most expensive property in the area. The two deals mean he has made over £20 million from property.


He's not the only celebrity to have made a fortune from property.

Nick Ross, the former Crimewatch presenter, is classic example. He bought a house in Notting Hill for £950,000 in 1993, and sold it last year for £35 million. He has since bought a £17 million mansion near Hyde Park, and plans to spend £10 million demolishing much of it and rebuilding a modern mansion. Optimistic estimates claim it could eventually be worth £40 million - leaving him with a property worth £39 million more than he started with - plus £8 million in change.

Billy Joel is another major beneficiary from the rising price of property. Last year he sold his New York penthouse for $11.3 million. He had bought it in 1998 for £1.6 million. He also made $500,000 selling the Miami property he has owned for eight years, and has plenty left in his portfolio.

A few months ago Madonna sold the Beverly Hills mansion she had shared with Guy Richie for £12 million - a £7 million profit in a decade. She still has mansions in New York and London.


However, things don't always work out so well for the stars.

Last Year Robbie Williams sold his Beverly Hills home at a $500,000 loss -for $3.2 million. He also has his Wiltshire mansion on the market, but despite spending £8.1 million on it in 2009, he's asking for just £5.5 million.

Britney Spears bought her Beverly Hills home in 2007 for $6.8 million She first listed it two years later for $7.9 million, but ended up selling in 2012 for $4.5 million after six price cuts.

Rihanna sold her Beverly Hills home in 2011 for $5.03 million. She had paid $6.9 million for it two years earlier.

And for some celebrities things have been even worse. Last year singer R Kelly lost his home. It was bought by the bank for $950,000 - despite the fact it was once worth $5 million.

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