Council blocks Tesco parking with bollards


Council blocks Tesco parking with bollards

Birmingham council workers have baffled shoppers with a bizarre decision about where to put a row of bollards. They have installed them in front of the Hall Green Tesco Express in Birmingham, blocking off five of the seven parking spaces.

It's among the most bizarre road-management decisions that councils have issued recently.

The bollards mean that it's impossible to use the parking spaces outside the shop, and the Daily Mail reported that shoppers were starting to park in the bus stop outside the store because there was nowhere else to go.

It's the only store in the area, and on a busy road, which is leaving shoppers with no alternative - unless they fancy a long walk.

Tesco told the newspaper that it had submitted a complaint to the council.

Not the first

It's an odd decision, but it isn't the first time that a council and their contractors have made decisions that seem to fly in the face of logic.

In May last year we reported on the council that painted the word 'School' and yellow zig-zags outside a primary school in Newton, Chester. They didn't let the fact that the school was demolished four years earlier stand in the way of their road-painting duties.

Then there was the Swindon road painter who took his instructions very seriously: he was to paint double yellow lines down all alleys to stop people parking there. He was so keen that he even painted them down an alley which was 13 inches wide between the lines.

And of course we shouldn't forget the council which decided to install bollards just a few inches wider than a standard car near Weston-Super-Mare. Locals reported that scrapes, dents and dings were becoming daily occurrences.

In 2010, when Cults Academy in Aberdeen was opened, the council decided to install speed bumps to keep pupils safe. Unfortunately the firm that installed them put them so far apart that drivers simply drove through the middle of them - at whatever speed they wanted.

And finally, we must applaud the geniuses at Sutton Council in south London, who decided to install flower baskets hanging over all the parking restriction signs in Belmont Village. A huge number of people received fines for breaking parking rules, but they were all unenforceable.

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