Freebie Friday: this week's discounts, deals and freebies


Freebie Friday

As the January sales start to look a bit tired, this is arguably the time to do your bargain-hunting. The sales rails tucked away at the back of the shop will now be featuring some real reductions - as long as they have anything left that you fancy.

This week we have a voucher to get even more off your sale prices, and some great freebies in case you've already had your fill of the sales.

Free pint or cocktail

Pitcher & Piano is offering a free pint of Red Stripe lager or a free Grand Tanq cocktail to everyone who signs up to the pub's monthly newsletter. If that doesn't tickle your fancy you can opt for a free glass of wine with every flatbread instead. This deal runs until the end of the month, but there's usually another free drink up for grabs after that.

Extra 10% off sale items

Vouchercloud is offering an extra 10% off sale items in Joules until the end of the weekend. It's only available online, and you'll need to do some serious hunting to find a gem in your size, but the savings may prove tempting enough. One green wax jacket, for example, has been reduced from £225.000 to £75. If you add in the 10% discount that's just £67.50.

Virgin Super hub without the installation fee

The users of have discovered how to get a super hub for nothing from Virgin Broadband. User M0nk3h pointed out that if you're on a 60Meg package or more with the company, if you call to upgrade to a super hub they say it's free but there's a £49.99 installation fee. At that point, you need to request the £20 self-install option - where you're paying for delivery rather than installation. Other users say that when they called to say they were cancelling they were offered the super hub for free.

Free orange juice or crisps

If you have a Boots Advantage Card you can always get the in-store magazine for free if you take it to the till and show your card. This month there's a voucher attached to the front for a free Tropicana orange juice (worth £1.40) or Walkers Sun Bites (worth 75p). You don't need to buy anything else to get the deal.

Free kids' meal

Taking the kids to the supermarket after school is the kind of thing that should only be undertaken by those with super-human stamina. If you're exhausted after picking up your weekly shop, you could go home and rustle up something fresh for the kids - or you could stop off at the Morrisons cafe and get one free kids' meal with every adult meal any time after 4pm on a school day. It just depends on how super-human you're feeling on the day.

Save money on shopping

Save money on shopping