The end of free super saver delivery


Amazon fulfilment centre - Peterborough

Amazon is putting an end to its Free Super Saver Delivery service.

Online shoppers will now have to pay postage on orders under £10.

This change is effective immediately. Users will no longer be able to avail of free delivery on orders under £10 and will instead be charged a minimum of £1.19 postage for their order. Amazon now requires customers to pay at least £10 to qualify for free delivery.

"From 7 January 2014, all UK orders fulfilled by Amazon with a total value of at least £10 will qualify for FREE Super Saver Delivery. Previously, the £10 threshold applied to all our product categories except Books, Music, Film & TV, Blu-ray, Software or PC & Video Games" wrote Amazon in an email sent to users.

This change relates specifically to Free Super Saver Delivery. All other delivery services remain unchanged.

The company last updated its delivery service in July when it imposed the £10 threshold - exempting popular small purchases such as books, CDs, blu-rays and video games.

At the time, furious customers sought ways to avoid the additional charges, such as adding a cheap book or CD to their basket so that the order would be above £10 and applicable for free delivery.

Now, customers will have to pay postage on all purchases under £10.

Following the change today, books bought on the site will be accompanied with a postage fee of £2.16.

PC and video games will cost you an additional £1.62 and CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays will be accompanied by a charge of £1.19.

Computers and electronics will be accompanied with a postage cost of £3.99.

Home and garden accessories, musical instrument accessories and pet products will carry a charge of £2.59.

Clothing, shoes and bags attract will carry a postage charge of £3.49, whilst DIY tools, health and beauty products and hobbies, sport and leisure items have been hit the hardest with a charge of £4.28 per package.

Orders which include items from more than one category will be charged the highest postage price if the items are dispatched in one package.

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