Payouts for power-cut customers


Flooded home

Compensation rates for households and businesses left without power over Christmas have been published by energy firms.

Scottish and Southern Energy, which covers southern England, said anyone in their area who lost power for 48 hours or more would get £54, plus an extra £54 for every further 12 hours without electricity.

Goodwill payments of £75 will be made to customers who lost power on Christmas Day, regardless of the length of the power cut, the company said.

UK Power Networks, which covers south east England, said it would make goodwill payments of £27 to £75 for customers who were without power for 48 to 60 hours including Christmas Day. Further payments will be made for each additional 12 hours without power up to a maximum of £432.

In a statement on its website, Scottish and Southern Energy said: "We had prepared for the bad weather and mobilised over 500 engineers and support staff who worked with determination and dedication from early in the morning to late into the night throughout the festive period to repair around 850 separate faults, many of which were initially inaccessible due to the conditions.

"During this time, we restored power to over 130,000 customers, with around 95% of those who lost power early on Christmas Eve having their power restored on Christmas Day and the final customers by December 28."

Both firms will be writing to customers they believe will be eligible for compensation.

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