Drivers resolve to cut back in 2014


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Half of drivers (49%) have made a New Year's motoring resolution with many promising to drive less or to drive more economically, according to an AA Populus poll of 17,629 AA members.

At a time when the high cost of motoring is hitting drivers' pockets, the top three driving resolutions were all linked to efforts to save money by driving more economically, walking more or driving less.

The AA Top Ten Resolutions were:

  • 14% said they would try to drive more economically. 18-24 yr olds were most likely to cite this (19%).
  • 11% said they would try to walk more. This was more popular amongst women (15%) than men (10%) and most popular in Scotland (14%).
  • 6% said they would drive less often. Those over 65 were most like to support this (7%).
  • 5% said they would cycle more. Most popular in the flatter eastern region (7%).
  • 4% said they would drive more safely. Drivers from Northern Ireland were most likely to support this (8%).
  • 3% said they would try not to exceed the speed limit. Highest in Wales (4%).
  • 3% said they would try to be more courteous on the roads.
  • 1% (257 drivers) said they would be less aggressive on the roads.
  • 1% (84 drivers) said they would use a hand-held mobile less often.
  • 1% (75 drivers) said they would be more courteous to cyclists.
(42% said they would not make a New Year's Resolution about driving and 8% said they would not make one of the resolutions above).

The AA pointed out that sustainable transport group SUSTRANS estimates that only two fifths of short journeys (under 5 miles) are made by foot, bike or public transport. For all the short journeys made by car, 11% are under a mile and 29% between one and two miles.

Edmund King, AA president, said: "At the start of the New Year many drivers have very good intentions to not only save money by driving less but exercise more by cycling or walking.

"Walking and cycling are excellent contributors to fitness and of course, are free compared with say, an expensive gym membership which may never be used.

"The AA hopes that these drivers will stick to their resolutions which will not only lead to a healthier population but safer roads as well. We certainly encourage all drivers to think twice before taking a short journey by car which could be more easily and cheaply be taken on foot or on two wheels."