Health and safety myths warning


Health and safety myths warning

The Government is urging people to "shop a scrooge" if they find anyone using bogus health and safety myths to spoil Christmas.

Recent complaints have included a heritage train company telling a passenger they couldn't serve gluten free hot chocolate and a Christmas craft fair charging an entry fee, both citing health and safety regulations.

Health and Safety Minister Mike Penning said the public should make a stand against "potty excuses", adding: "People work hard throughout the year and deserve to be able to enjoy a bit of festive fun this time of year without it being ruined by mythical health and safety excuses.

"My message to anyone thinking of making up an excuse in the name of health and safety is - use your common sense.

"Health and safety regulations save lives and are not there to hamper innocuous activities - bogus excuses give them a bad name."

Judith Hackitt, chairwoman of the Health and Safety Executive, which has set up a myth busters panel, added: "As with any other time of year, we would urge those hiding behind health and safety as an excuse for an unpopular decision, to come clean and state the real reason."

Other recent myths have included a ban on donating second hand toys, and Santa needing a seatbelt in his sleigh.