Christmas Day is time to buy insurance


Christmas spending

Thousands of bored Brits will be shopping for car, home and travel insurance on Christmas day if statistics from AA Insurance are anything to go by.

According to the broker's online statistics, last Christmas nearly half a million people obtained quotes for insurance on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

According to the AA on Christmas Day alone, over 166,000 car and 32,000 home insurance quotes were provided while 141 people sought travel insurance. Considerably more quotes were provided on Boxing Day.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance says: "My Christmas is pretty busy and I wouldn't have the time or the inclination to sort out insurance. But I can understand arranging travel cover if a holiday was given as a gift, although it seems odd that people might want to fix their car or home cover on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

"But then, may be thousands of people looked out of the bedroom window on Christmas morning to find a brand new car with a giant ribbon tied round it!"

As to home insurance, Simon Douglas speculates that a near miss in the kitchen or an accident with a candle led some families to realise that their home insurance might not be adequate.

"It's also possible that receiving a costly gift might lead some people to suddenly realise they aren't insured, along with the rest of their possessions, and decide to do something about it. Or all these online applications might simply mean that people are trying out their new tablet!"

In addition, 94 people applied for home emergency cover on Christmas day while a few downloaded legal documents – including a comprehensive guide to writing a will and guidance on sorting out a building dispute.

Simon Douglas adds: "While many people might find it odd that insurance is top of mind for some over the Christmas break, it is important to ensure that you have good cover – whatever time of year it is."

AA quotes last year Christmas Day - Boxing Day
  • Car insurance 166,415 - 241,747
  • Home insurance 31,854 - 46,455
  • Travel insurance 151 - 323
  • Home Emergency 94 - 99