Ryanair halves excess baggage fees


Ryanair profits plunge in first quarter

In another move to clean up its act, Ryanair has halved excess baggage costs.

In an attempt to lure in more customers, Ryanair has halved its excess baggage fee to £10 a kilo just in time for Christmas.

The budget airline recently announced a raft of changes including improvements to the way it treats customers after it received a deluge of complaints.

The "early Christmas present" from chief executive Michael O'Leary is just one of a number of new measures for the company.

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Cheaper excess baggage fees

Ryanair's baggage charge reduction puts it in line with easyJet, its biggest rival, which also charges £10 per kilo for excess baggage at the airport.

Here's what the various airlines charge for excess hold luggage.
AirlineExcess fee per kg
Thomson£13 shorthaul, £10 longhaul
Aer Lingus£12 shorthaul, £65 longhaul

In September I reported on the changes going on at Ryanair which began with it targeting business customers.

The airline is revamping its image and changes include a redesigned website, 24-hour grace periods for minor booking errors, quiet flights before 8am and after 9pm and allocated seating from 1st February.

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Cut the cost of using a budget airline

Budget airlines charge for just about anything from credit card fees and checking in at the airport to priority boarding and the food on board.

But with a little forward planning you can avoid paying over the odds for taking a budget flight.

Flying with just hand luggage is one of the easiest ways to knock off a few pounds, but if you're doing this make sure your bag meets the airline's size and weight restrictions. Before you pay for the flight, check the fees involved as most airlines will charge extra if you're paying with a credit card.

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Is Ryanair's reputation improving?

The revamp from Ryanair is good news for customers. Not only is it improving its own services, but this will also put pressure on competing airlines to up their game.

But one of the key complaints from Ryanair customers is the lack of customer service from staff at the airline. This is a major flaw and at the moment the company hasn't come up with a way to correct this problem.

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