French cafe charges rude customers extra


Coffee Drink

A cafe in Nice has caused a stir by charging rude customers extra. The owner erected a sign saying that customers who rudely demanded "Un café" would be charged €7. Those asking for "Un café s'il vous plait" would pay €4.25, and those who managed to say "Bonjour, un café, s'il vous plait" would be charged just €1.40.

So is this the only cafe with a strange charging policy?

The Petite Syrah cafe manager told the Nice-Matin newspaper that he had seen the idea on social media himself, and put it on the sign as a joke. He said that customers saw the funny side, and he hasn't had to enforce his rule yet.

The idea has appealed to commentators across the world. A photo of the sign went viral on Twitter, then hundreds of newspapers and news channels covered the story.

Strange charges

And it's not the first cafe with an unusual charging policy.

During the government shutdown in the US, some restaurants offered discounts and freebies to government employees who were out of work. Meanwhile some cafes said they would charge members of Congress double until the government re-opened.

In September, the Bedivere Eatery and Tavern in Beirut started offering a 10% discount for diners who agreed to leave their mobile phone at the door.

In May last year Kylin Buffet, a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet in South Shields, hit the headlines, after deciding to charge a £20 fee for anyone who took too much and left it on their plate. This restaurant actually took the step of enforcing the charge.

In January last year, Eleven Madison, a posh restaurant in New York, started charging anyone who failed to show up - or who cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. The charge is an astonishing $75 per head - and on average it is enforced twice a week.

There are restaurants around the world that have a 'pay what you want' policy. These include the Karma Kitchen in Chicago, Pay As You Please in Killarney, Ireland, and Lentil as Anything in Melbourne.

There are also plenty which will not charge anything if you can finish a gargantuan dish. These include Sushi Delight in California which will give you a free meal if you can eat a 6lb seafood roll within an hour. Then there's the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo where it'll be free if you can eat a 4.5lb steak in an hour, and The West End Tavern in Boulder where you'll have to eat 50 chicken wings in 30 minutes for your freebie.