The most hated Christmas food - and it's not sprouts!


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The most hated Christmas foods have been revealed and the results might surprise you.

Sprouts didn't even reach the top five with festive favourites such as mulled wine and and Christmas pudding topping the poll of most hated Christmas foods.

Eggnog has topped a list of the most hated Christmas foods, a poll conducted by has found. Second on the list was the Christmas pudding which got 10% of the votes and was more loathed than the quintessential Christmas vegetable, the Brussels sprout.

Also featured in the top five were mulled wine (9%) and – vegetarian's staple - the nut roast (9%). Despite it being the season for feasting and overindulgence, just 8% of the 1200 people surveyed like all the food on the Christmas menu.

Holly Arnold, multimedia recipes editor, says: "People are forgoing the traditional tastes of Christmas for more modern twists on their festive food. We've seen a rising trend for quirky Christmas bakes like cake pops and desserts laden with chocolate, ahead of the classic Christmas pud.

"Brussels sprouts are commonly assumed to be the most hated Christmas food but we're seeing a change in palates. As people get more skilled at cooking, they're learning how to make the once-hated vegetable actually taste pretty nice."

The full list is:
1. Eggnog 14%
2. Christmas pudding 10%
3. Nut roast 9%
4. Mulled wine 9%
5. Nothing, I love it all! 8%
6. Brussels Sprouts 8%
7. Brandy butter 8%
8. Christmas cake 7%
9. Mince pies 7%
10. Turkey 5%
11. Cranberry sauce 5%
12. Parsnips 5%
13. Trifle 5%

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