Nightmare neighbour evicted: £5k of damage


Nightmare neighbour evicted: £5k of damage

Dawn Pugh Jones, a 41-year-old unemployed woman from Penparcau in Wales, has been evicted from her property in Maesheli, after neighbours had spent almost a decade living with the parties, loud music, shouting and swearing.

The housing association that owns the property said when they got inside, they discovered £5,000 of damage.

> The Daily Mail reported that Jones had lived in the property since 2004, and had been a thorn in the side of her neighbours ever since.

According to the Cambrian News, The Tai Ceredigion Housing Association said there had been reports of parties, loud music and swearing. After years of problems, the police even set up a CCTV camera trained on the property.

In October Ceredigion County Council obtained a Possession Order and Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction, and she was evicted last week.

The housing association said that when they gained access to the property, the damage was extensive. It included carpets and tiles that had been ripped up, wallpaper pulled off, and holes in walls and one ceiling.

Five neighbours from hell

It's a shocking tale, but stories of horrifying neighbours are all-too common. In November alone there were a number hitting the news. Here are just five of the most horrible.

1. A family in Manchester was eventually evicted after a long battle by the neighbours. The family next door had begun the fight to rid themselves of their neighbours after their six-year-old daughter had drawn a picture of her new house in school with the caption 'Gangs and loud music.' The picture was produced in court where an eviction order was granted.

2. In Lea Hall, Birmingham, five members of a family were evicted from a council property - and they were given injunctions to prevent them returning to the area - after a ten years of violence, intimidation and harassment of their neighbours. During the court case it emerged that police had been called to the property 40 times in ten years. In answering one call a police officer had part of his nose bitten off by a dog.

3. We reported the story of the woman who rented out an idyllic farmhouse with six bedrooms and an adjoining cottage. Her tenants failed to pay the rent from the outset, ripped out the wood stove and fire surround, left dog faeces on the floor, and even sold a strip of land to an unsuspecting neighbour.

4. In North Shields, police visited 12 homes to issue warnings about the behaviour of tenants, which ranged from excessive noise to drug dealing. In one of the homes the tenant was out, and when the landlord let police in, they discovered that one bedroom had been turned into a cannabis farm.

5. We also reported on a man in Michigan who bought the house next door to his ex-wife, and spent $7,000 building a 12 foot statue in the front garden giving his ex the finger. The statue is even floodlit at night.

Factors damaging property value

Factors damaging property value