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Christmas Tinner

Wouldn't it be great if someone could take all the hassle out of making Christmas dinner? You could shop for the big day in seconds, cook the meal in moments, and enjoy it without having to leave your vital spot on the sofa playing computer games. Fortunately, at last, a computer games retailer has come up with the perfect answer - Christmas dinner in a tin.

And it's not the only bizarre culinary idea doing the rounds this Christmas.

The tin

Retailer Game claims to be responding to research which found that once dedicated computer gamers have ripped open a new game or console on Christmas Day, they don't want to stop for anything.

Clearly there's nothing more annoying than sitting down to eat with your nearest and dearest at Christmas, when there's Grant Theft Auto V waiting in the living room, so they came up with the Christmas Tinner - the Christmas dinner in a tin.

It's divided into nine layers, which make up your nutritional needs from dawn to dusk. The top is an egg and bacon breakfast, then comes mincemeat to replicate those mince-pies you need for elevenses.

The third layer is where Christmas lunch starts, with turkey, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and all the other festive favourites. Finally there's a layer of Christmas pudding. There are two versions - with and without sprouts - and it costs just £1.99.

Of course the Christmas gimmick is a vital tradition. And the fact the tins are only available at the Basingstoke store should be enough to tell us that this is a PR tool rather than a serious offering. But how does it compare in terms of culinary abominations available this year?

Weird options

One hot contender for the strangest option around is the Pilgrims Choice festive offering. You can have your block of cheese with the added 'flavours of Christmas'. This includes flecks of sprouts and carrots - as well as dried fruit.

Tesco, meanwhile, has joined the festive party of weirdness with it's mince pie flavour crisps. And if that's not unusual enough for you, there are always the Pringles sweet cinnamon flavour - or their mint choc chip limited edition crisps.

And for those who struggle with Christmas dinner in a tin, there's always the Pot Noodle Christmas dinner - for those who like their festive fare to be freeze-dried and rehydrated.

Sadly, however, there's no sign of the Burger King festive Whopper. The Sprout Surprise Whopper with extra sprouts and cheese went on sale in the UK in 2010 for a limited time only - and has never been seen again.

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