Beckham charity donations appear on eBay - with massive mark-ups


Screenshot of eBay listing for Victoria Beckham's trainers

Items donated by David and Victoria Beckham to the British Red Cross's Typhoon Haiyan appeal have been surfacing on eBay at hugely inflated prices.

One shopper has already resold a tuxedo owned by the footballer for £2,600 - £2,475 more than he paid.

Another even includes the Red Cross carrier bag in the picture that accompanies their listing. The ad, for a pair of Victoria Beckham's Dries Van Noten wedge sneakers that cost their owner less than £50 - promises that 'a significant percentage' of the £1,000-plus price will be donated to the typhoon appeal.

The Beckhams donated eight boxes of clothes to the typhoon appeal late last month. They went on sale at the British Red Cross shop in Kensington and Chelsea, which specialises in designer clothing. The collection included dresses, tops, suits and shoes from labels including Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo and Roberto Cavalli.

"Typhoon Haiyan has devastated the Philippines, killing thousands and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless, and the Red Cross is carrying out an enormous relief project to help all those in desperate need," Victoria Beckham said at the time.

"David and I urge everyone in Britain to join us in supporting the Shop Drop for the Philippines campaign."

British Red Cross spokeswoman Laura Hinks says the charity is resigned to the mark-ups being made by the eBay resellers. "Obviously, it's very disappointing, but we limited items to one per person in order to try and limit this sort of thing happening," she says. "We could have sold them for a lot more, but the Beckhams wanted the items to be affordable."

US reality TV star Kim Kardashian has also been supporting an appeal to help victims of the typhoon appeal. Unlike the Beckhams, though, she has chosen to auction her items on eBay herself.

Like the UK eBay vendors, though, she appears to be keeping some of the proceeds herself: "A portion of the proceeds of my eBay auction are going to International Medical Corps," she says on her blog.

She's received a barrage of criticism from fans angry that she's donating just ten percent of the proceeds to the appeal - despite the fact that many of the items were reportedly given to her in the first place. "How can someone with a net worth of $40 million justify doing this???" asks one. So far Kardashian has failed to respond.

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