Unemployed woman wins £27m EuroMillions jackpot


Lottery winners

Margaret Loughrey, a 48-year-old unemployed woman living in Strabane in Northern Ireland, saw her fortunes dramatically change at the weekend. She won an astonishing £27 million on the EuroMillions lottery.

So how will it change her life, and how does her win compare to the list of all-time winners?

The win

Loughrey lives in one of the most economically troubled towns in Northern Ireland. She cannot find work, and has recently separated from her husband.

She was applying for a job in a local supermarket when she decided to buy a lottery ticket while she was there, and opted for a 'Lucky Dip'.

She told reporters that she would be sharing her wealth, adding: "It's not going to be mine, it's going to be spread around. There's no point having £27m and being lonely. That can't make me happy."

She added that it would mean she would be able to retire to Southern Spain.

Biggest winners

It's an incredible sum of money, but it doesn't give her a place in the list of the top ten biggest lottery winners in the UK so far.

1. Colin and Christine Weir won £161 million in July 2011.

2. Gillian and Adrian Bayford won £148 million and recently announced they would be getting a divorce.

3. An anonymous winner won £113 million in October 2010.

4. Dave and Angela Dawes won £101 million in October 2011.

5. An anonymous winner took £84 million in May 2010.

6. An anonymous winner took £81 million in May 2013.

7. Nigel Page won £56 million in February 2010 - and was made to pay a lump sum to his ex-wife, despite the fact that they had split ten years before his win.

8. An anonymous winner took £46 million in February 2012.

9. Les and Sam Scadding won £46 million in November 2009 and have recently divorced.

10. Cassey Carrington won £45 million and shortly afterwards married her painter fiancee Matt Topham

Seventh place should have gone to a gambler who won £64 million. However, they failed to come forward to claim their prize, so last December it was given to good causes.

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