Mouse found in bag of Tesco scampi


Deep-fried mouse

Mohammed Ali, a 37-year-old plumber from Stoneyburn in West Lothian, got the shock of his life, after tipping frozen scampi into his deep-fat fryer, and noticing something oddly black lurking among his dinner. He retrieved the black object to discover a deep-fried mouse.

And he's not the first to have an unexpected close encounter with a mouse at the dinner table.

The mouse

Ali bought the scampi from a Tesco store in Bathgate. He told the Daily Mail that he didn't notice the mouse at first because he was in a hurry, but after making the grim discovery it has put him off food entirely.

He contacted Tesco and the council - who are investigating. A Tesco spokesperson told The Daily Record: "'We set ourselves very high standards for the safety and quality of our food. The product has not been returned to store by Mr Ali but we will be assisting the local authority with any investigation they may undertake."

Not the first

We will have to wait and see the outcome of this case, but Ali wouldn't be the first person to come across something unusually furry in his dinner.

In September last year it was the turn of Katie Crabtree, a 31-year-old mother from Stockport, who bit into a dead, sliced mouse tucked into a BLT sandwich she had bought from Tesco. She initially thought it was a bit of burned bacon, but on closer inspection noticed the fur and a little paw.

In September 2010, Oxford Crown Court heard the case of a dead mouse which one shopper found baked into a loaf of bread - unfortunately he'd already used several slices of the loaf. In this instance the manufacturer was made to pay compensation.

In 2009, Cate Barrett from St Austell, Cornwall, found a dead mouse in a jar of Asda Extra Special curry sauce. She made the discovery after preparing dinner and noticing that the sauce was 'more lumpy than usual'.

That same year D Hyndman and Son Ltd in Manghera, Northern Ireland, were fined £1,000 after a man bought a Hyndman's malt load from a supermarket in Ballymoney and discovered a mouse baked into the base of the loaf.

And way back in 1997 a man in Brockley, southeast London, found a mouse in a tin of Sainsbury's own-brand beans. The mouse had apparently been cooked in the tin, and the manufacturer (HL Foods of Long Sutton in Lincolnshire) were fined £8,000 under the Food Safety Act.

It's enough to make us all look a little closer before we tuck in...