Gambler wins £38k on football - and stakes £30k on the rugby


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Steve Richards, a roofer from Tonyrefail, near Pontypridd, has won an incredible £38,000 on a football accumulator bet at Ladbrokes - by successfully predicting the results of 12 matches. Now he has staked £30,000 of his winnings on this weekend's rugby match which sees Wales take on Australia. If he wins, his £10 will have turned into £68,000.

So how does this stack up in the crazy world of accumulator bets?

The accumulator

Richards, 56, put £10 on the accumulator, predicting the results of 12 football games. Eleven of them finished as predicted on Saturday, and the 12th produced the right result for him on Monday. He told the South Wales Echo that he didn't even realise he had won, because he fell asleep halfway through the Aston Vila and West Bromwich Albion game. He discovered the good news hours later when he woke up.

It's an impressive win - against odds of 3,800/1. However, this wasn't enough for Richards. He decided to stake £30,000 of it on Wales beating Australia in the rugby this weekend. He told the Echo that he had high hopes - despite the fact that they haven't won against the Australians since 2008.

The Mirror reported that even if he wins he doesn't expect to throw his money around. He said: "If I win I'd probably just come up with some other crazy bet - no, I'd put in the bank and leave it there."

If he wins, the £68,000 would be an impressive return from a £10 bet. However, accumulators have delivered some astonishing sums in the past. Here are some of our recent favourites

Big wins

1. In May an anonymous winner won almost £210,000 after betting £16 on eleven horses at three different race meetings. The complex bet involved a series of 1p bets on a combination of the horses achieving different things. A spokeswoman for William Hill said: "This is one of the luckiest bets we've ever seen."
2. In March William Hill said a man had taken home £90,000 from a 14-football match accumulator.
3. In December last year a gambler turned £2 into £60,000 after correctly guessing 14 football selections. The company added a 30% bonus to the win as part of a promotion.
4. In October 2012, William Hill said one punter had won £64,000 on a 12-match football accumulator.
5. In January 2011, a Ladbrokes punter from Berkshire won a record for the firm - of almost £273,000 after staking £2.50 on the results of nine football matches.
6. Also in 2011 a man from Malta bet 85p on a 19-stake accumulator across Europe. He won against odds of 683,738/1 and took home over £585,000.

Ladbrokes recently calculated all its winnings on accumulator bets in the last football season - in order to work out Britain's luckiest towns.
It's top five was:

Chingford £529,363.50
Glasgow £283,475.35
Liverpool £232,643.90
Leicester £216,279.78
Sheffield £210,473.56

However, it's worth stressing that these are the lucky ones, and while a list of the winners is impressive, the list of those who lost on these bets would be even more so.

The Football Rich List

The Football Rich List

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