Curry's honours voucher glitch with £20 freebies


One shopper's haul

In remarkable goodwill gesture, Curry's has honoured a voucher glitch, which accidentally gave shoppers £20 off everything. The retailer had meant to send out a code to a small number of people who pre-ordered the Xbox One, as an apology for the fact that the consoles arrived late. It was supposed to be limited so it could only be spent on Xbox games.

However, a glitch meant that everyone was able to use the code (regardless of whether they'd ordered an Xbox One or not) - and they could spend it on anything they liked.

The glitch

The original intention was just to give the discount to a very select group of users, and to allow them to use it to buy an Xbox game. They sent the code through last week as a goodwill gesture.

However, shoppers were amazed to find that the code was giving them £20 off anything they ordered - as long as it cost more than £20. Deal hunters swapped screen grabs of £20 discounts on everything from a deep fat fryer to a sandwich toaster.

And when they shared the code through deal hunting websites, they discovered that instead of only working for those who were originally sent it - it worked for everyone. Some shoppers used a number of email accounts to order a stack of discount goodies.

Would it work?

Seasoned deal hunters were quick to point out that this was obviously a glitch, and that Currys would never honour orders - they'd just cancel them all. The longer the code was live for, the more certain they became that it was all pointless.

One user said: "these orders being cancelled is more or less guaranteed". Another added: "CURRYS NEVER HONOUR . I REPEAT NEVER HONOUR." And another said they had tried three Currys glitches before and none of them had been honoured.

Currys soon cancelled the code, leading to yet more speculation that this was a lot of hype over nothing. Some people who had placed orders just before the glitch was cancelled reported that their order was cancelled too.


However, a day later shoppers started receiving emails saying that their orders had been dispatched, and soon after, huge hauls of bargains started arriving as a large number of orders that had been placed were honoured.

Currys said in a statement: "'Customers are ever more savvy and we were happy to chip in in this case - an early cyber Monday for some".

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