The Lanesborough to sell off furnishings and interiors



The Lanesborough is one of the poshest five star hotels in London. A night in one of their luxurious beds will set you back at least £495, or you could upgrade to their finest suite for the night for just £18,000. Of course your stay will come complete with a 24-hour butler, but it's still a lot to spend on a fleeting night of luxury.

Especially when you have the chance to grab a slice of that luxury every night.

The auction

The hotel is holding an auction of 3,500 pieces of furniture and fittings, so you could sleep in a luxury antique four-poster every night, walk on the sumptuous bespoke carpets, or install one of the elaborate chandeliers (some of which are roughly the size of a typical suburban lounge). Some of the auction lots even let you bid on the entire contents of a single bedroom, so you can kid yourself that you're sleeping in a five star hotel every night.

The idea is to get rid of the old, in order to bring in the new - as the hotel is undergoing a complete renovation under designer Alberto Pinto. The hotel will close its doors on 20th December, and a few million pounds later it will reopen with a whole new look.

Meanwhile, the old bits and pieces go up for sale in a number of auctions held by Pro Auction between 9th and 13th December. It's going to take this long because there are 3,000 lots to get through. You can pop into the hotel on 7th and 8th December to have a look at the lots, and you can go along to the auction or bid online at

Take a look at some of the items on sale from The Lanesborough:

The Lanesborough interiors and furnishings sale

The Lanesborough interiors and furnishings sale

Mark Flynn of Pro Auction said: "This really is going to be an exceptional event presenting a rare opportunity to acquire quality furnishings from one of the world's leading hotels in the lead up to refurbishment. It is possible for bidders to buy the entire contents of the bedrooms with a range of options to attract a variety of buyers and scales of purchase."

It may seem like a strange approach, but its not the first time this website has held a sale like this. In 2011 it sold the entire contents of the Howard hotel - another London five star hotel - when it was renovated. But can you afford any of it?

Anything for you?

There's no doubt that the big items will bring in a small fortune, and some will fetch tens of thousands of pounds. However, there are some items for those with smaller pockets. Of the numerous mirrors and lamps for sale, some are relatively modest reproductions. And nestled among the original oil paintings are a handful of small prints in simple frames.

The hotel is even selling off a number of digital room safes and endless nondescript brass bankers' lamps - which could be cheaper than buying them new.

For those with the time and inclination, there may be a slice of luxury you can afford. For the rest of us, the temptation may be to go along to the viewing and take a look at how the other half live - before it all goes under the hammer.