Meet the Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI that costs £3.4 million


Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI

Just imagine pulling away from the lights in a Volkswagen Golf that can do 0-60 in less than four seconds. Impossible? Not at all - the company's latest concept car has more than double the power of a standard Golf GTI, and boasts a top speed of 186mph.

The 503-horsepower Design Vision GTI took Volkswagen just six months to develop - but cost a whacking £3.4 million. It gives a glimpse of features that could someday make it into the company's standard models, says the company, including a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre VR6 engine.

The four-wheel drive vehicle looks similar to standard models but is a little shorter, lower and wider, and has specially-developed 20-inch alloy wheels and 15-inch carbon-ceramic brake discs. The wheels, derived from the Austin GTI design, feature integrated blades that are designed to vent brake heat through the wheel openings.

Take a look at the Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI in the video below

"The design team's brief was to give a spectacular glance into the future of the GTI," says Volkswagen Brand head of design Klaus Bischoff. "Our claim to be a global player is enhanced with our universal design language. A design that immediately communicates the brand's identity is central for all models that carry the VW logo, with elements that allow each model to be recognised as a true Volkswagen by its distinctive design."

Two three-way catalytic converters are arranged close to the engine to minimise emissions. The V6 TSI engine develops 369 pound-feet of torque from as low as 2000 rpm, hitting a maximum figure of 413 pound-feet at 4,000 rpm. This power and torque is transferred to the wheels via a DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Inside, the car's equipped with as few switches as possible to streamline its appearance: the company says the brief here was "Pure GTI. Concentrate on the truly essential. But with style."

A standard Golf GTI costs from £26,000, making the Design Vision GTI well over a hundred times as much. The company says it has no plans to put it into commercial production.

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