Have you won the lottery? £12m fortune has to be claimed by Wednesday



A £12 million lottery win is just sitting in the National Lottery vaults waiting to be claimed. The winning ticket was bought on May 31st this year in Ladywood, Birmingham, but so far no-one has come forward to pick up the cash.

Camelot has warned that if no-one claims it by Wednesday it will be lost.

The winner

The ticket was for a Euromillions raffle, and had the number JRG437445. The rules of the National Lottery state that if you haven't claimed your winnings after 180 days, it will stop looking for you and distribute the win among its good causes. It'll hit that deadline on 27 November.

If you were in the Ladywood area in May and bought a ticket, it's worth turning your home upside down to find the ticket just in case. If it's yours you just need to contact Camelot before 27 November. However, you will need the winning ticket or you won't be able to claim a penny.

Unclaimed wins

If no-one comes forward it will become the second biggest unclaimed Lottery win in British history. The biggest is still the £64 million which ended up going to good causes in December last year. That holds the record for the largest unclaimed lottery win anywhere in the world.

You might be surprised at how many prizes go unclaimed. Since the National Lottery started 18 years ago an incredible £1.8 billion has not been picked up by winners.

At the moment, unclaimed prizes include ten winners of the Euromillions Millionaire Raffle in July this year. They all have £1 million waiting for them.

There's also a Euromillions player from Hull who won £252,000 in July and is yet to pick it up, and a lottery player from Powys, who won £214,000 in June and hasn't collected. Another three players have won over £100,000 and failed to notice.

If the £12 million goes unclaimed it would be the second highest unclaimed amount - just ahead of a £9 million missed jackpot, after a player in Doncaster failed to collect their winnings in 2005.

Camelot hasn't given up hope just yet. Sometimes these things do take some time to get sorted. In 2009 a jackpot of £2.5 million was claimed on the last possible day.

They are currently out and about in Birmingham hoping to jog someone's memory in time for them to claim their prize.

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