The street with 16 houses and 80 potholes



Rothbury Avenue in Monkton Village, Jarrow, is laying claim to the dubious honour of being the worst road in Britain. Despite the fact that it's just a short cul-de-sac, with 16 houses on it, the residents have counted 80 potholes.

So why hasn't the council done anything about it, and is this really the worst road in the country?


The residents told the Daily Mail that someone could get hurt, that it could cause a car accident, and that it could reduce property values if nothing is done.

At the moment it doesn't look as if house prices are taking too much of a beating. Zoopla statistics show that the average selling price of a property in the street rose 3% last year, and 4% over the last five years. The current average value is almost £162,000

But residents are worried enough to have signed a petition to persuade the council to do something about it. The Shields Gazette reported that they delivered the petition to a local council meeting, and the highways team is investigating possible solutions.

However, the council told the Daily Mail that they don't have the £5,000 they need to fix the road. They promised to consider repairing the road in the next financial year - which starts in April. However, they said that major roads and bus routes would remain the priority - which goes some way to explaining why this quiet cul-de-sac has been allowed to deteriorate.


Potholes are a national problem. There are around 200,000 unfilled potholes in the UK, and every winter the cold weather and subsequent cracking in the roads makes the problem worse. The AA says that a third of drivers have suffered damage to their car because of a pothole in the past two years. They also found that one third of drivers would rate their local roads as poor, very poor, or terrible.

There's a huge gulf between the estimated £10.5 billion needed to address this and the £3 billion that the government has stumped up for it.

All we can do is to report local problems and hope they are made a priority. Unfortunately, you'll be one of thousands of people doing the same thing. While Rothbury Avenue is claiming to be the least-well-maintained in the country, the same title has been claimed by many others.


Britannia Rescue recently named the worst three roads for potholes as Holly Lane in Banstead, Surrey; the B6273 South Moor Road/Moor Lane in Barnsley, South Yorkshire; and King Lane in Leeds.

West Street in St Neots was in contention for the title earlier this month when an ambulance couldn't get down the road because of the potholes. When an 80-year-old with a kidney stone called the paramedics they had to park down the road and wheel him along on a trolley to avoid getting stuck.

But what do you think? Is yours the worst in Britain for potholes?