The highest-paid musician: which 55-year-old took the title?



Forget the young whipper-snappers barely out of high school, who are hogging the charts and filling the internet with Selfies. According to Forbes Magazine, the highest paid musician is technically old enough to be their grandmother. At the age of 55, the self-styled Queen of Pop is back on top.

But how did Madonna take the title? And who else is on the list?


Her incredible international MDMA tour sealed an astonishingly high-earning year for Madonna. The tour brought in $305 million - bringing her personal earnings of $125 million - despite the fact that her album and single sales have disappointed. She also pulled in a fair quantity of cash from business ventures such as her Material Girl fashion line and Truth or Dare perfume brand.

Lady Gaga

The flamboyant artist seems to have learned a fair bit from Madonna's image - and has emulated her financial success too - earning $80 million in the past year. Her tour made $160 million - despite being cut short. Her most recent album came out after the figures were calculated, so we can expect her in the upper echelons of this list again next year.

Bon Jovi

The second entry on the list in their 50s, Bon Jovi came third, earning $79 million. The Because We Can tour - with its associated merchandise sales - was largely to thank.

Toby Keith

He may not have much of a presence in the UK, but the country singer is a bit of a legend on the country scene. His impressive touring schedule earned the 532-year-old $65 million in a year. And just to keep the pennies coming in, he has also extended his restaurant chain to 18 outlets.


The first Brits on the list made $64 million in a year. This was due in a major part to touring, and they are said to have made $3 million in every city they played.

Justin Bieber

Finally the whipper-snappers get a look-in, with the 19-year-old in sixth place. His 40 million Twitter followers, and army of devoted Beliebers helped him make $58 million in the year. Bieber isn't just making money from his music either - he has apparently invested a small fortune in companies such as Spotify - which are repaying his faith.

Taylor Swift

The second youngster in the list made $55 million, through a combination of smash hits and endorsement deals. Her fourth album, Red, was released in this year and sold 1.2 million copies in the first week.

Sir Elton John

The second Brit on the list, and the oldest star in the top ten at the age of 66, raked in $54 million - with royalties on an epic scale playing a vital role.

Beyonce and Kenny Chesney

Joint ninth pace went to these two stars - both making $53 million in the year. Beyonce was back after a year off as a full-time mum, and her Mrs Carter tour meant that yet again she outearned her husband Jay Z (who was number 18). Chesney is the second country superstar in this list, who owes much of his fortune to a summer stadium tour.

Further down the list, Sir Paul McCartney made it to number 12, earning $47 million thanks in a large part to extensive royalties, and Roger Waters was at number 15 with $44 million. Muse made it to number 16, despite Forbes calling them the least famous name in the top 25, and One Direction were joint 18th with Jay Z. The Rolling Stones only played 19 gigs, so made it to number 21 with $39 million.