£148m lottery jackpot couple to divorce


The Bayfords

Adrian and Gillian Bayford, who scooped an incredible £148 million on the Euromillions lottery last year are getting a divorce. The couple, from Suffolk, say that since the win their marriage has broken down irretrievably.

It seems that money doesn't buy matrimonial happiness. And it can make divorce an even bigger headache too.


The Bayfords won the EuroMillions jackpot 15 months ago, and made a real impression, talking about how the money would help bring the family closer together because Gillian would no longer have to work nights. They also talked about how it wouldn't change them, and that Adrian would continue to run his music shop in Haverhill.

However, the pressure of the win has had a major effect. At the beginning of this year Adrian was forced to close down his shop, as people were using it to target him with requests for money.

Now the Sun has reported that the couple has separated. Gillian has stayed in the £6 million Georgian mansion they bought together, while Adrian has bought a more modest £500,000 new-build mansion down the road.

A spokesman told the Daily Mail: "Gillian confirms that her marriage to Adrian has broken down irretrievably and they have separated. Gillian will be giving no further comment about this matter either now or in the future." They asked that Gillian and the children are left in peace.


It's not for us to speculate what led to the marriage breaking down, but it's not terribly uncommon among lottery winners, and with so much money involved, divorce can become horribly complicated.

In some instances all the money is shared in a way you wouldn't expect. So, for example, it came as a shock to many people when Nigel Page, who had just won £56 million on the EuroMillions, was forced to give a share to his ex-wife - even though she had left him two years earlier. He hadn't arranged a 'clean break' on divorce, so she was entitled to come back for more. He offered £1 million: she demanded £8 million and they settled on £2 million.

Even more surprisingly was the UK woman who won £500,000 on the lottery after entering into a syndicate with a friend. She divorced her husband four years later, and the High Court decided that she had played the lottery separately from her husband, and bought the ticket with her own money, so he was not entitled to any of it. If she had saved the lot she would have been entitled to keep all of it. However, she had bought the family home with the money and they had lived there together, which meant the judge awarded her husband £85,000.

But perhaps the most surprising of all was Denise Rossie, who won £1.3 million in the California lottery in 1997. She chose not to tell anyone about the win. Instead she filed for divorce 11 days later. Her husband got wind of what she had done and took her to court two years later - the judge awarded him every penny of the winnings.

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