The six-bedroom house that just won't sell: why?


The lounge

This house in Crosby, near Liverpool, boasts six bedrooms and is in an attractive and popular part of Merseyside. However, after 13 months on the market, the price has been cut dramatically from £350,000 to £300,000.

And sadly it's all too obvious why.

There's nothing wrong with the price. Properties sold in the area in the last two months include a 7-bedroom home which fetched £499,999 and a four-bedroom property which fetched £400,000. This is one of the cheapest properties in the area with this much space, so there should have been some interest at the higher price.


The problem is that the interior design is very specific to the owner's taste. It seems they have embraced the concept that more is definitely more. Almost every inch of the home is filled with ornaments, cushions, silk flowers, an enormous quantity of delft pottery, and dramatic lighting.

The photographs on Rightmove show that even the front garden is home to a number of flourishes that stamp the owner's personal taste firmly on the property.

Take a look inside the house in the slideshow below

The Liverpool home going at a knock down price

The Liverpool home going at a knock down price

The couple have owned the property for some time and clearly collected a great number of ornaments that they are very proud of. It's just that they've got to the stage where every surface is filled with hundreds of pots, china hens, ornamental picture frames, clocks, statues, and an abundance of silk flowers colour-coordinated to each room.

And while there's nothing wrong with enjoying your personal tastes, it appears that potential buyers are having trouble seeing beyond it in order to get a feeling of what it would be like to live there without so much clutter.


Pictures of the house have gone viral, and the Daily Mail has reported that the couple selling the property have been a bit hurt by some of the comments posted online.

It may come as a small consolation to the couple selling their home, that looking through Rightmove and mocking people's homes has become something of a national sport. Just yesterday we reported on the West London home which was a homage to purple - which has attracted every bit as much derision as the cluttered Crosby property.

But what do you think? Is this fair? Or should we celebrate the fact that we're not all wedded to the idea of white minimalism? Let us know in the comments.

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