Seaside village up for sale


Seaside village Bantham up for sale

Almost an entire seaside resort in Devon has been put up for sale, and is valued at roughly £10 million. Bantham in Devon is opposite the famous Burgh Island, known as a favourite holiday destination for Agatha Christie. It has a stunning beach, and a wonderful view, but what else do you get for your money?

And if £10 million is a bit on the pricey side, can you buy your own village for less?

The village

Bantham in South Devon is almost entirely owned by Evans Estates. It owns the land (including the beach) and almost all the houses. Now, a report in the Daily Mail says that tenants have been contacted to confirm that the village is up for sale as part of the company's property portfolio.

The Telegraph says that the sale includes 25 homes and a shop - which only opens on the weekend.

The family has run Evans Estates for decades has always provided the villagers with continuity. It said in a statement: "The estate at Bantham has been in the same family for several generations. Their ethos has always been to allow Bantham to remain a place of outstanding beauty, with the village's old thatched cottages portraying an image of unchanging charm and the beach and its surrounds staying as wild and natural as can be."

It added: "Evans Estates has consistently set its face against commercialisation of the beach. It is determined that families should continue to enjoy a peaceful day out in an unspoilt environment."

The sale will naturally lead to concerns about the sorts of changes that new owners could consider.
So if you have £10 million you could set their minds at rest - and buy a slice of idyllic Devon seaside at the same time.

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However, if £10 million is a bit of a stretch, then there are other options.

Last year Charlestown, the picturesque harbour which has been used to film everything from Treasure Island to Dr Who went up for sale for £4.4 million. The sum included the Grade II listed Georgian harbour, a number of businesses including the car park and an ice cream shop, and a marine training and charter business.

If that's a bit rich for your blood, there's always the £3 million island of Eilean Righ, in the middle of Loch Craignish - a sea loch on the Argyle. It comes with a helicopter hanger, boat house, private beaches and high speed broadband.

Alternatively, there's the £2.5 million Tanera Mor, in the Summer Isles off the North West coast - complete with The Old School House to live in, a tourist fishing business, and a small community.

If that's a bit steep you could buy the Island of Wiay in the Outer Hebrides. It's up for sale for £500,000. For your money you get 970 acres and planning permission to renovate an old cottage.

If you're willing to go further afield there are even bigger bargains. The town of Garryowen in the US is up for sale for $250,000. For your money you get 7.7 acres, housing, offices and shops. You also get to be the proud owner of the site of Custer's last stand.

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