Your bargain £1.70 Christmas dinner: how to do Christmas dinner on a budget


Christmas dinner

Every Christmas we spend a small fortune on food, sitting down to a groaning table of goodies, knowing full well that have served up roughly twice as much food than at a normal dinner, we will end up eating far too much, throwing most of the sprouts away, and regretting it all.

But we reveal that you can cut the costs substantially.

Last year research from Santander put the average spend on Christmas dinner at £77 - down from £89 the year before - as we all did our best to tighten our metaphorical belts. However, that's still more than some families spend on a week's worth of shopping.

You don't have to spend that anything like that much, however, research last year revealed that the cheapest Christmas dinner could hit the table for £2.47 per person if you shopped at Asda, followed by £2.49 at Morrisons, £3.04 at Aldi and £4.32 at Sainbury's.

The bargains

This year, AOL Money calculates that you can get together a feast for a grand total of £1.70 each, or £10.20 for six people, by shopping around for the best deals on turkey, potatoes, parsnips, sprouts, gravy, Christmas pudding and cream.

Not many supermarkets are stocking their turkeys yet, making a comparison difficult, but you can get a frozen stuffed turkey breast from Aldi for £2.49. If you're having six people to tea you might need a couple at a total cost of £4.98.

Sainsbury's is the best place for a cheap Christmas pudding, with the basics range offering one for 98p. With six people you might need a couple at £1.97. It's also one of three supermarkets selling basics stuffing for 15p (alongside Asda and Tesco).

It's worth making a trip to Asda for the potatoes at 69p per kg, frozen sprouts at £1, frozen parsnips at 91p and gravy mix for 50p.

Then can pick up your double cream at Aldi for 85p, and head home to count your plentiful change.

Any tips to enjoy Christmas on a budget? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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