I'll work on, says £8m Lotto carer


Ron Elliott, care home worker, wins lotto jackpot

A 67-year-old care home worker has insisted his life will barely change after winning almost £8 million on the National Lottery.

Ron Elliott was watching Saturday's live broadcast in the rented maisonette he shares with an old friend in Sutton, south London, when his numbers came up, netting him £7,959,312.

But he told a press conference that he would not quit his job and planned only to buy his own house and pay his son's mortgage.

"Because you work with old people who rely on you, you can't just sort of take time off," he said.
"The others would be left with the work.

"They've got no option, they've got to rely on all. Half of them are bed-ridden and some have dementia.

"For that reason alone you make sure you're there to look after them. I'm quite happy for my life to keep ticking along."

Mr Elliott, who works 60-hour weeks to earn in the region of £15,000 a year, said the main change in his life would be having time to relax.

"Last week, I had five days on late, and I found there was another world out there. I wasn't used to being off in the morning; I could lay in bed and not have to get up.

"I could go walking off down the high street and shopping if I want to. I could have a beer if I wanted to. I'm not a big heavy drinker, but occasionally it's nice to go in the pub and have a pint and not have to worry about it.

"I don't have to worry any more about what to do as I have money in the bank. I can treat colleagues at work, and would also like to see if we can give the residents some sort of do leading up to Christmas.

"The pressure's off."

The father-of-one said he has no hobbies to splash out on and does not drive, but is considering attending the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

He has been playing the lottery since it began in 1994 and buys a ticket before 6am every Saturday morning on his way to work.

The winning numbers were 10, 28, 32, 36, 37, and 49.

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