The 10 richest people in the world


Bill Gates

Bloomberg Markets magazine has published its annual list of the richest people in the world. The top spot has been re-taken by Bill Gates, after his main rival Carlos Slim saw his fortune fall by an incredible 12.9%.

But who makes up the rest of the top ten, and who are the biggest winners and losers?

In all, the top 100 billionaires saw their fortunes climb even further this year. Their combined wealth rose $200 billion to $1 trillion - so together they are worth more than the GDP of most countries.

The 10 richest people on the planet

The 10 richest people on the planet

Elsewhere on the list, the biggest winner was Mark Zuckerberg at number 25, who saw his net worth double since December 2012 - to reach $24.5 billion. He is also the youngest billionaire on the list (The oldest is Karl Albrecht who is number 20 on the list and 93 years old).

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