Toddler finds snail in supermarket veg


Toddler finds snail in Iceland veg mix

A Deal mother says she won't be shopping at Iceland again after finding a snail in the vegetables she was giving her toddler daughter.

According to the Daily Mail, two-year-old Daisy Simpson spotted the snail in the broccoli and cauliflower bake made by her mother Jessica Lawson on Saturday and shouted "Snail, snail!".

> Ms Lawson says the snail was in a £1 bag of frozen vegetables from her local Iceland store. When she took the packet back to the store and complained, she was given a £20 voucher, but says staff were dismissive.

"I'm not happy about it, they are supposed to sell food that is checked. I'm just lucky that my two-year-old daughter didn't put it into her mouth and she knows what a snail is," she says. "The woman at head office said 'it's just a snail to me' which is really impolite."

An Iceland spokesperson says that such events are very rare - and of course it's true that the vast majority of supermarket products contain nothing that they shouldn't.

However, just two weeks ago, another mother feeding a toddler found a sharp piece of metal in a chicken kiev bought from Sainsbury's, which the company is now investigating.

And earlier this year, a blue sticking plaster was found attached to a pre-cooked chicken and a human tooth turned up in a pack of Tesco sausages.

The problem is that such items can be very hard to detect. Generally, companies rely on visual checks, as well as maintaining strict hygiene processes in their factories. Earlier this year, though, the government carried out a feasibility study on the use of wideband radar as a way of detecting foreign objects in food.

The Citizens Advice Bureau recommends that disgruntled customers should take items back to the shop as a first resort, where they should be entitled to a refund or replacement. If they are still concerned, they should report the incident to their local environmental health department.

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