Supermarkets cut petrol prices

PetrolMotorists have received some late-autumn cheer in the form of supermarket cuts to the price of petrol.

Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco all announced that reductions would take effect from tomorrow.

Asda said that no one filling up at its forecourts would pay more than 126.7p a litre for petrol from tomorrow , with diesel priced at 133.7p.

Morrisons said from Wednesday it would be bringing down the price of both its diesel and unleaded by up to 2p a litre "at the majority of its sites".

The Sainsbury's reduction is "up to 3p a litre" off petrol and diesel at all its forecourts, while Tesco is bringing its petrol and diesel prices down by "up to 2p a litre".

RAC head of external affairs Pete Williams said: "Motorists should be pleased that fuel retailers have acted so swiftly in lowering prices at the pumps following a reduction in wholesale prices.

"The wholesale price of petrol is now at a year-low of around one pound a litre whereas the diesel price is unfortunately still several pence a litre away from its low point in early May (104.87p).

AA public affairs head Paul Watters said: "Asda's pump price cut is a bold move. Although it reflects a fall in the wholesale price of petrol during last week, the continued disruption of Libyan oil production continues to leave the market volatile and unpredictable."