R Kelly fans call for refunds after concert 'given by impersonator'


R KellyIn an extraordinary row, fans of the R&B singer R Kelly are demanding their money back after a concert which they claim was given by an impersonator.

They say they paid $150 apiece for tickets to the 'Black Panties Promo Party' - only to see impersonator 'R Jelly' instead, lip-synching to Kelly's songs. He was booed off stage almost immediately.

There's still great confusion as to what actually happened. Local television station KNOE says it's received a text from promoter Cedric Johnson, who said he "got duped" and would offer refunds; later, though, it had another message from Johnson denying that the original text was from him.

Meanwhile, other members of the promotion team have pointed fans to the wording of flyers for the event, which promised an 'appearance' rather than a 'performance'. The event's Facebook page now carries a statement promising more information, although none has been forthcoming.

One commenter on the event's Facebook page says that Kelly confirmed to her that he was never booked to sing at the event.

"We stayed at the same hotel as R Kelly and he heard us discussing the event, and he sent his rep over to apologize to us for the event, he said you misrepresented the event," she writes.

"He was only paid to make an appearance not perform, and you knew that. You spoke with me, and I asked would he be performing, and you assured he would be singing more than a couple of songs, therefore you had every intention on deceiving ticket purchasers!!!!"

Kelly himself, whose new album 'Black Panties' is due out in December, hasn't commented publicly.

Getting a refund for a gig is never easy - even where an event is cancelled, it can take some time. Last week, Iron Maiden fans were told they won't get a refund after complaining about poor sound quality at a gig in Stockholm in July; although in 2009, Oasis refunded fans after sound issues forced it to abandon a concert altogether.